Fast sailing in the Netherlands!

Where can you sail fast in the Netherlands? Where are the fast sailing areas where you can sail faster than 20 km/h with a fast sports boat? View the interactive fast sailing map with all areas where you can sail fast, wakeboarding and water skiing via the link below!

Fast sailing? View the overview map of fast sailing areas!

Figure 1 – Gas station Marina Strandbad, Olburgen

Image 2 – De Bijland gas station, Tolkamer

Where can you refuel? 

Our sports/speed boats have a fuel tank with a capacity of 115 litres. When you issue the boat, you will receive the boat with a half-full tank, when you take it in you must return the boat with a half full tank return to us! We urgently advise you to refuel immediately at the 1st gas station what lies on your route, so you avoid problems and you can sail carefree!

Where are the nearest gas stations?

  • If you sail up the IJssel, downstream direction stroom Doesburg, is the 1st gas station where you can refuel located at Marina Strandbad, near Olburgen. After you have passed under the bridge of Doesburg, you will find the entrance to the petrol station on the right-hand side after approximately 800 meters. See Figure 1.
  • If you go up the IJssel towards Arnhem/Westervoort, upstream, continue until the fork near Westervoort, here you sail up the Neder-Rijn towards Tolkamer. The 1st gas station is located near the recreation area the Bijland.
    De Bijland is close to a junction of the Rhine, Waal and IJssel rivers. Due to the open connection with the Rhine, the Bijland is easy to reach and ideally suited for water sports enthusiasts. It is also a perfect base for trips on the Dutch rivers. See Figure 2.