Are you looking for an extra dimension for your (company) outing? Then combine a helicopter flight with a wonderful day sailing with our rental boats or sailing completely carefree with our beautiful round boat 'Maxima' with Skipper!

The helicopter can be used as a means of transport between your company and our unique location for a great day on the water! We are flexible when it comes to the place of departure. Depending on the number of people, we will determine which helicopter best suits your needs.
Our cruise boat (with 250 HP) can accommodate up to 10 people, equipped with two spacious refrigerators, a great sound system and luxurious seating. In short, nothing stands in the way of a great day on the water!

Our captain will make sure you have everything you need! Sit back and relax! Sail along the beautiful places such as the Hanseatic city of Doesburg, Rheden or the bustling Arnhem! In Arnhem you can enjoy lunch, drinks or dinner at the Rijnkade at Foodhall Arnhem ! Foodhall Arnhem offers 13 worldwide and attractive kitchens with freshly prepared dishes by culinary talents! Enough choice for everyone, Vega, vegetarian or gluten-free? Everything is possible!

If your staff is up for a bit more adventure, water skiing while sailing is also one of the options!

A scenic flight above your business location is also one of the options Heli-Jet! For corporate events, we can also move the cruise boat to other locations in the Netherlands.

For more information, please Contact us. Then we will discuss your wishes and the possibilities together!