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Luxury Sloop 'Maxima' with skipper!

Unique getaway! For groups, families and company parties!

The Maxima 840 is the latest model from the Maxima brand. This sloop sails extremely quietly and relaxed! With room for up to 10 passengers, two spacious refrigerators, a spacious sun bed and a great sound system, nothing can get in the way of a great day on the water! 

Our captain will ensure that you lack nothing. Sit back and relax! We offer two options:

1. Sailing in the Rhederlaag recreation area with Skipper:
If you want to enjoy on the water in a luxury sloop with lots of comfort in the Rhederlaag recreation area, then our Maxima sloop is a good choice!
– 2 hours sailing € 299.00
– 3 hours sailing € 375.00
– 4 hours sailing € 450.00

2. Sail to beautiful places such as the Hanseatic city of Doesburg, Rheden or bustling Arnhem with Schipper: 
The sloop is equipped with a 250 HP inboard engine, which makes it possible to sail on the IJssel with this sloop. VGo to beautiful places such as the Hanseatic city of Doesburg, Rheden, Nijmegen or bustling Arnhem. Let us know your wishes and of course our captain will also provide you with great tips.
– 2 hours sailing € 399.00
– 3 hours sailing € 499.00
– 4 hours sailing € 599.00
– 5 hours sailing € 699.00
– 6 hours sailing € 799.00
– 7 hours sailing € 899.00
– 8 hours sailing € 999.00

Ready for some more adventure? With 250 HP, water skiing or wakeboarding behind the Maxima sloop is no problem!
The costs for this depend on the number of people who want to participate.

If you want to make a reservation, please Contact us!