Sportboat SeaRay Outboard

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Sports boat SeaRay Outboard – Unique in the Netherlands!

Gelderse Bootverhuur rents out this new elegant sports boat from the harbor of Marina 't Eiland.

Spend a wonderful day or several days on this brand new sports boat. This boat is ideal for spending a wonderful time on the water with family or friends. Wonderful for cruising, water skiing or wakeboarding, all in all, everything is possible!

Look at the page Fast sailing in the Netherlands! for tips and information.


  • This sports boat is equipped with a 150 HP outboard motor, so you can enjoy cruising with this boat;
  • The spacious cockpit is equipped with a luxurious bucket seat so that you as a driver can sit comfortably;
  • This speedboat is also equipped with several luxurious seats with cushion sets and a spacious rear seat, so you can relax in this boat;
  • A sundeck on which you can sunbathe!;
  • The boat also has a swimming platform with a swimming ladder, with which you can easily enter the water to cool off or have a nice swim;
  • This boat is also equipped with a Radio/MP3 player (Bluetooth compatible) including speaker set. This allows you to enjoy optimal sound!;
  • The dimensions of this boat are: 6 meters long and 2.55 meters wide;
  • Of course, the boat is equipped with full safety equipment. This consists of a lifebuoy, fire extinguisher, fire suppression system, tow rope and a first aid box.

You can reserve this boat for 1 day or 3 days. The following conditions apply for thisground:

  • price is exclusive water skis and wakeboard.
    You can book this when you make your reservation;
  • price is exclusive swimming/life jackets.
    Swimming / life jackets are obligated for all passengers! If you do not have this yourself, you must reserve it directly when booking;
  • price is exclusive Fuel consumption.
    The fuel tank has a capacity of 115 litres. You will receive this half full and serves half full to be handed inIf this agreement is not observed, additional costs will be charged;
  • Minimal age 25 years;
  • If you want to reserve the boat for a longer period, please send an email to

Boat license and proof of identity:

  • Boat license is required. The details of the booker / driver of this boat must match the details on the boat license;
  • A copy of the boating license is required after booking by mail to be sent to;
  • Valid ID is required;
  • When the boat is issued, the booker / driver must hand over the valid boating license and proof of identity for inspection.

Deposit and cleaning:  

  • The deposit is € 1000,00. This amount is the maximum deductible in case of damage. If you return the boat without damage, this amount will be refunded to you within 24 hours;
  • You are expected to return the boat as you received it at the start of the rental. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, cleaning costs will be charged with a minimum amount of € 60.00.
  • This sports boat departs from the port of Marina 't Eiland.

Any questions? Then look at our page Frequently Asked Questions† Perhaps the answer to your question is already here. Of course you can always email us at