Spend the night at Recreation Area De Rhederlaag!

In countries such as France and Finland, the use of (tiny) houseboats as a holiday home is already very normal, people find it the ultimate way of recreation. That is why we would like to see our guests enjoy themselves and make an accessible boating holiday even more accessible! An experience that makes you feel like you're abroad!

With over 350 hectares of water surface, the Rhederlaag recreational area is a perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. The clear water and the beautiful extensive beaches at Giesbeek and Lathum are ideal for those who enjoy swimming, sunbathing, playing or boating. In addition, you can also enjoy one of the atmospheric terraces, surf, paddle board or simply do nothing at all.

Our house boats both have a permanent berth on a completely newly constructed jetty of Marina 't Eiland! From these unique berths (outside the harbour) the house boats all have a wide view of more than 180 degrees over the beautiful lake, which is also called the 'Gardameer' of the Netherlands! And in the distance you look at the rolling hills of the beautiful nature reserve De Hoge Veluwe!

If you are in for a little more adventure or are looking for a unique private spot, our skippers will gladly sail the houseboat (at a reduced rate) for you to one of the most special spots within this beautiful area! A place where you can fully enjoy the feeling of wealth and exclusivity with your family, friends or romantically as a couple! Depending on the length of your stay, you may also be able to enjoy several spots, with a new view every time!

Behold the beautiful daily sunrise and sunset, a beautiful spectacle of colors. Get a visit from a swan family, spot a little plover, partridge or a redshank! A unique experience that you will often remember!

* Of course our skippers are dependent on the weather conditions for moving the houseboats and safety comes first. If the weather does not allow you to sail to one of the special spots, we will of course discuss the possibilities with you and together we will see whether it is possible at another time during your stay.

Our new houseboats are built from highly durable materials and are fully insulated for both cold and heat. With us you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday, mini-break or weekend away in comfort all year round!

Six unique locations! 

For a reduced rate, our skippers will sail you to the most beautiful places within Recreation Area Rhederlaag, where we will of course also pick you up. Depending on the length of your stay, you may also be able to enjoy several spots. We also offer you the options to book a supboard or a dinghy (with motor), so that you can explore the area in this way. How fun! And you may find it useful to take a rubber boat to 'the mainland'! You will look back on this holiday for a long time to come!

  • 1. Looking for a little more entertainment? Then this is the place to experience the real water sports feeling!

  • 2. The perfect place to fully enjoy the sunset!

  • 3. Spend the night near the bird island! Spot a kingfisher, pearl diver or sand martin here, fascinating!

  • 4. Are you an early riser? Then this is the ultimate spot to fully enjoy the sunrise!

  • 5. Unique spot, adjacent to the beautiful area of natural monuments! This spot is one of the gems among nature reserves!

  • 6. Near this spot is the connection between the IJssel and the Rhederlaag! The perfect place to get to know the world of water sports better!