Sailing tips!

While sailing, it is imperative that everyone adheres to the 'traffic rules' that apply on the water. In this way it remains safe for all water sports enthusiasts and recreationists!

What maximum speed applies to the Rhederlaag Recreation Area? 

  • A maximum sailing speed of 9 km per hour applies to the Rhederlaag recreational area;
  • Near the harbor and at events on / on the water, one must sail stationary;
  • Sailing on the sandy beaches is prohibited due to the danger for bathers;
  • The National Police (KLPD) monitors compliance with the maximum speed in the interest of all water sports enthusiasts and recreational users

What are the most important rules on the water? 

  • Make sure you have a good view all around and look behind you regularly. On beautiful summer days it is very busy on the water!
  • Do not suddenly change course;
  • Do not use anchor near work vessels with outrigger anchors and in the middle of a fairway;
  • Avoid navigating busy shipping lanes and keep the center clear for large ships;
  • Keep the peace in the nature and residential areas;
  • Do not disturb your environment and limit the volume of sound installations on board;
  • A navigation license is required to drive fast motor boats. These are all boats that can sail faster than 20 km / h. The boating license requirement also applies to non-fast sailing boats that are longer than 15 meters;
  • Use the correct navigation lights on time;
  • Sail alcohol-free. The legal limit on the water is 0.5 per mille. It is checked, the fines are high!

Who has the right of way?

  • Small ships (shorter than 20 meters) generally have to give way to large ships, passenger ships, ferries and tugs. There are exceptions, however. E.g. when sailing in a fairway on the starboard side.
  • A small ship may request the cooperation of another small ship when departing, turning and entering or leaving a port.